Ghost Patrol is your premier source for paranormal investigation and elimination. Using the latest in scientific and pseudoscientific methods, we provide safety, security, and peace of mind to ordinary citizens with extraordinary problems. Some believe the purpose of science is to serve mankind. Join today!

New Franchises Coming Soon!

Bat Ghouls San Francisco, CA
Blood & Bones Los Altos, CA
Boneless Chicken Cabaret Alexandria, VA
Briny Deep Redmond, WA
Burninators Mountain View, CA
Coed Astronomy Sunnyvale, CA
Continental Breakfast Berkeley, CA
Ghoul-Done Golems Berkeley, CA
Goonies Mountain View, CA
Grey Goo Seattle, WA
Here Be Dragons Renton, WA
Knights of Corinth Saratoga, CA
Mystic Ghosti San Francisco, CA
Scooby Doobies San Francisco, CA
Space Cops Mountain View, CA
Team Longshots Burlingame, CA
Team Snout San Francisco, CA
The Gipper Los Angeles, CA
The Soul Proprietors Houston, TX
Weenie Bulls San Mateo, CA
Wrong Ideas That Appeal To You Santa Clara, CA
XX-Rated San Francisco, CA